Virginia's most experienced
independent motorcycle shop

Motoworks is a full service motorcycle shop based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Offering expert maintenance, repair, and restoration services, we specialize in all years BMW, modern Triumph, and Honda. With a focus on education for riders of all skill levels and community engagement, our goal is to foster the next generation of motorcyclists. So whether you're hunting for a new bike or resurrecting an old one, we're here to help!



Mileage and age related service keeps you safe and your machine happy—fluids, filters, tires, brakes, etc. We'll even teach you how to take care of it yourself.


Sometimes things just break. Get that repair done by the folks who will do it properly. Our exacting standards bring great results.


Rebuild your bike to like new roadworthiness—regardless of current condition. We can also help you find the best restoration candidate.


Kids and beginners are special focus. We pride ourselves on being your best first step in moto education. Help us introduce this incredible sport to the riders of tomorrow. 


From Bikes & Breakfast to The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, Motoworks helps foster a generous, welcoming attitude in our growing community of local riders.


Honestly, there's always something going on at the shop. Stop by and say hello!


Brooke Farquhar

Brooke's first rides were minibikes taken out on family camping trips. After graduation, he worked at Cycles Inc. in Arlington, VA. He and RL met there and have remained lifelong friends. Over the decades, Brooke has served in a variety of roles at motorcycle dealerships throughout the DMV area. In 2015, he founded Motoworks in order to give back to the sport that provided him so many rich experiences.

Mike Jinks

Originally from Massachusetts, Jinks started at the renowned Freeman Cycles as a Master Tech in BMW and Moto Guzzi. In 2003, he and his wife moved to Virginia where he served  as Master Tech at Morton's BMW. With nearly four decades in the trade, Jinks enjoys staying up to date on the latest computer technologies and earning the kind of experience that only comes from wearing out hand tools.

R.L. Brooks 

R.L. purchased his first bike, a stepthrough Honda 50, in 1969. It didn't start, but he fixed it—and has been performing similar miracles ever since. Besides being a career mechanic and parts man, he's a AHRMA Cross Country National Champion, raced at Daytona, Barber Motosports Park, and Unadilla, and toured the Isle Of Man with Brooke in 1994. He loves sharing war stories and keeping old bikes on the road.


Beyond just fixing up old bikes—which we happen to do exceptionally well—there are three goals driving us here at Motoworks:

All dogs and most people are always welcome. If the flags are flying, please stop in.